Oakland Education Strategy

The Rogers Family Foundation's strategy consists of three strategic initiatives and two grantmaking areas. 

Our staff dedicates both financial resources and time to produce our desired outcomes in each strategic initiative area. The two grantmaking areas take a more traditional approach, with the Rogers Family Foundation supporting organizations primarily through financial investments in order to achieve desired goals.

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Our strategic initiatives include:

  • Literacy
  • Quality Autonomous Schools
  • Blended Learning

Our grantmaking areas include:

  • Community Reform Voice
  • Education Leadership

The Rogers Family Foundation's work in the community manifests in the team's day-to-day work of building relationships, making connections, and participating in organizations and coalitions working for change and improvement in Oakland public schools. Learn about our community partners here.

We measure our success by monitoring the progress of each grant, strategic initiative, and grant-making area. We also track Oakland students' achievement and attainment by collecting and analyzing student proficiency rates on the California Standards Tests, Scholastic Reading Inventory scores, high school graduation and A-G completion rates, Academic Performance Index scores, and Early Assessment Program results.