Quality Schools Logic Model

10,000 New High Quality Schools Seats by 2020

The following lays out the logic model for our Quality Schools strategy.


10,000 New High Quality Schools Seats by 2020


Oakland schools have improved over the past decade, but achievement gaps persist. Transformative action is needed to create high-quality schools for students furthest from opportunity.

Focus of Change

Grow/replicate successful schools  •  Create opportunities for most underserved students  •  Create school (re)design and data capacity to drive change


Families/communities drive change  •  City and school district in alignment  •  Quality MUST exist across neighborhood K-12 pipelines  •  Growth potential among high-functioning school operators  •  System infrastructure needs capacity supports for school transformation  •  Collaboration matters


Continue to expand and grow successful charters led by strong leaders. We remain committed to creating opportunities for replicating high-performing and innovative operators. The Foundation will also track and connect with new, emerging single-school operators with strong boards and school leaders who demonstrate both a desire and capacity to grow their school model. As appropriate, we will recruit and partner with charter management organizations not yet in Oakland who seek to enter the local arena and have established track records of success in other communities.
Support opportunities to collaborate in order to collectively create the conditions for quality schools development that bring together the local education community and empower parents to champion transformation of Oakland’s lowest performing schools.
Build system design capacity to launch new/redesigned quality schools. We laud the public school district’s commitment to targeting and transforming its most underserved schools. The pace of change, however, must be expedited. To do so, we will look to partner in the creation of an independent, autonomous Oakland school design lab to increase the system’s capacity for quality school design and implementation.
Support opportunities to use data to drive school transformation. We will continue to make data a priority by increasing access for leaders, teachers, parents, students, and community partners to timely, accurate, and actionable data to improve student outcomes and ensure greater transparency.
Invest staff time to amplify work through strategic communications and other complementary tactics. For the highest leverage opportunities, the Foundation’s staff are committed to providing assistance beyond grant investments to advance the success of our quality school strategies.

Near-Term Outputs and Outcomes

  • New school design lab by first quarter of 2016
  • A minimum of three new/redesigned schools opening demonstrating conditions for being quality schools by 2016-
  • A minimum of five new/redesigned schools engaged in planning phase by 2016-2017 and thereafter annually
  • Increase data capacity for 5-10 small charter operators to demonstrate quality school performance beginning in 2016-
    2017 and growing yearly through 2020
  • Provide “beyond the grant” support to school teams/grantee partners to maximize impact

Impact and Anticipated Changes

  • By 2020, 20-25 new/redesigned high-quality schools – as measured by student learning growth, gains in achievement
    and opportunity gaps, and local/national quality school indices – collectively serving 10,000 Oakland students
  • A successful and highly sought after Oakland school design lab creating and supporting high-quality schools
  • Readily accessible, available public school data contributing to quality school development and growth