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Blended Learning Case Studies

By making small investments in a cohort of promising models, and funding detailed case studies and an early stage impact evaluation of each model, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation sought to contribute to the evidence base of blended learning’s potential to impact student outcomes.

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Bret Harte Middle School Video

This short video from the Oakland Unified School District highlights how one math teacher at Bret Harte Middle School is implementing Blended Learning to increase student engagement and achievement.

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Introduction to Blended Learning Tutorial Series

Silicon Schools Fund and the Clayton Christensen Institute have teamed up to provide insight and guidance on delivering high-quality blended learning. Learn more about how to personalize K-12 education for all students by combining the best of traditional schools with the transformative power of online learning.

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What is Blended Learning?

This video from the Learning Accelerator strives to define what blended learning is, explores how blended learning is working in schools, and highlights local Oakland school Madison Park Academy.

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Home-to-School Connection Guide

Practical tips, tech tools, and strategies to increase engagement when families have access to a computer or a smartphone.

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