Sharing resources and tools that inform and guide our work

Khan Academy Coach Resources

Resources on how to use Khan Academy with students. Includes information for educators, parents, mentors, and out-of-school-time programs.

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Public Impact School Models

The Public Impact links to innovative school models that use job redesign and technology to maximize teachers and technology to increase student achievement. The models explain how changes in teaching roles, time use, and technology can allow teachers who achieve the best student outcomes to reach more students and help peer teachers produce excellent results, too.

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EdSurge Product Index

A "yelp" like site for online content. Search content by grade, subject and other characteristics. You can also see what content other blended learning schools across the country are using and read reviews by educators actually using the software.

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National Next Generation Learning Challenge Launch Grants

School level profiles of the national Next Generation Learning Challenge launch grant winners.

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BlendMyLearning Blog

BlendMyLearning represents a community of blended learning schools and practitioners, and offers a venue for these educators to innovate, transform and share. There is an urgent need to connect peers and develop information within this relatively small and nascent blended school community. Over 40 knowledgeable bloggers contribute to the site.

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