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BlendMyLearning Blog

BlendMyLearning represents a community of blended learning schools and practitioners, and offers a venue for these educators to innovate, transform and share. There is an urgent need to connect peers and develop information within this relatively small and nascent blended school community. Over 40 knowledgeable bloggers contribute to the site.

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BlendedLearningNow Blog

BlendedLearningNow is an aggregator of the leading blogs, news, research, case studies and videos about blended learning, with the most recent entries on the home page and entries organized by type under Resources. A project of Education Cities, BlendedLearningNow seeks to provide educators, philanthropists, civic leaders, and education reformers with the information they need to make sense of this rapidly emerging field.

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Mastery Design Collaborative

Mastery Design Collaborative (MDC) is a nonprofit K-12 education service organization that builds the capacity of school systems to personalize learning at scale. They believe all students deserve a rigorous, personalized education that prepares them for lifelong learning and professional success.

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The Learning Accelerator

The Learning Accelerator is the catalyst to transform American K-12 education through blended learning on a national scale.

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Clayton Christensen Institute

With an initial focus on education and health care, the Christensen Institute is redefining the way policymakers, community leaders, and innovators address the problems of our day by distilling and promoting the transformational power of disruptive innovation. The Christensen Institute is based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

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