National Next Generation Learning Challenge Launch Grants

Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) strives to dramatically improve college readiness and completion, particularly for low-income young adults, by identifying promising technology solutions. NGLC believes that investing in transformative learning strategies that leverage proven and emerging learning technologies, collecting and sharing evidence of what works, and fostering a community of innovators and adopters will result in a robust pool of solutions and greater institutional adoption. This in turn will dramatically improve education in the United States. Educators, institutions, and entrepreneurs are developing and testing many potentially breakthrough strategies, but too often they have little awareness of one another and few opportunities to share their innovations. They need support to refine and rigorously test their solutions, to connect with like-minded innovators, and to develop strategies to broaden their reach and impact. NGLC’s goals include providing that support – and ending “innovation isolation” by advancing proven models that catalyze rapid and significant improvements in college readiness and success.

Explore prior NGLC grant winners from around the country, including Oakland, and learn about the specific designs schools and educators are implementing to personalize learning for students and improve student level outcomes.