NGLC in Oakland: Year 1 Evaluation

Next Generation Learning Challenge (NGLC) in Oakland began in Summer 2014, engaging hundreds of educators and eventually catalyzing 26 public schools to apply for planning grants in January 2015. This represented nearly one in five of all Oakland public schools. Ten school planning grantees were selected, with each working throughout the 2015-2016 school year to create three-year plans to implement whole-school models that personalize learning.

From 12 launch grant applications, seven school teams received multi-year grants to begin implementation in 2016-2017: ASCEND, East Bay Innovation Academy, Lodestar, Redwood Heights, Roosevelt Middle School, Urban Montessori, and Urban Promise Academy.

The NGLC in Oakland Year 1 Evaluation highlights their collective progress after one year of implementation, as well as provides an overview of the status, outcomes, and challenges for each school. Much more information on this initiative’s timeline, selected schools, prior events, and resources can be found at and