Oakland Achieves Partnership: Third Annual Progress Report

The Oakland Achieves Partnership has released its third annual progress report focused on key Oakland student outcomes. The report explores the cradle-to-career education continuum and helps set a course for the key investments that can be made right now to make college attainment a reality for every public school student. Highlights from the report include:

  • Enrollment in Oakland’s public schools has steadily increased over the last five years, with the vast majority of the students being of color and qualifying as low-income, and one-third of students are English Language Learners.
  • While OUSD-run preschools are making strides in preparing low-income students for kindergarten, African American preschoolers improved the least and overall students of color were less likely to enter kindergarten with essential early literacy skills.
  • Just over half of second to fifth grade students who participated in assessments were reading at grade level. Latino, Pacific Islander, and African American students were the last likely to read at grade level.
  • Only 34% of students who participated in the Oakland Unified School District math assessment scored proficient or above. Of these students, students of color were much less likely to be proficient in math.
  • Though overall suspensions have gone down by 29%, African American males are 13 more times to be suspended than white males.
  • The overall graduation rate of students in Oakland has decreased slightly.