Oakland Achieves Partnership: First Annual Progress Report

The Oakland Achieves Partnership released its first annual progress report focused on key Oakland student outcomes. The report examines multiple indictors of educational quality and equity, including school readiness, elementary education, secondary education, college readiness, and college attainment. Highlights from the report include:

  • Four out of five students enrolled in Oakland Unified School District and charter schools are from low-income homes and one-third are English Language Learners.
  • Based on California’s Similar School Rank, 30% of Oakland schools are above average and 70% of schools are below average.
  • Forty-two (42%) percent of Oakland Unified School District third graders are reading at proficiency.
  • Only 23% of Oakland Unified School District eighth grade students are proficient or advanced in Algebra 1.
  • Fifty-nine (59%) percent of the class of 2011 graduated on time. Of those, only 47% had completed A-G requirements with a C grade or better.