California Institute for Quantitative Biological Sciences (QB3)

Leading the way in cutting-edge and innovative scientific research

The Rogers Family Foundation has invested in translational research projects at the California Institute for Quantitative Biological Sciences (QB3). QB3 is a nonprofit research, networking, and technology commercialization institute spanning three University of California campuses: San Francisco, Berkeley, and Santa Cruz. Established in 2000, QB3 fosters collaborations among scientific faculty in order to enhance innovation and discovery.

To help achieve the goal of bringing basic scientific discoveries to practical benefit in a shorter period of time than is typical, the Rogers Family Foundation created the “Bridging-the-Gap” program to allow QB3 researchers to execute promising lines of research that are typically in too early of a stage to garner institutional or government funding. An ideal outcome of this support would be that research done at QB3 would lead to the filing of an intellectual property patent, the creation of a new company, or access to additional funding.

From 2005 to 2016, the Rogers Family Foundation invested $6,500,000 in more than 20 projects. While the Rogers Family Foundation’s funding for the “bridging the gap” project has come to a close, the entrepreneurial work of QB3 under Kelly’s leadership continues to grow and prosper as it evolves and sustains its efforts to bridge the “valley of death” for innovative ideas and research.

The Rogers Family Foundation has also supported the following departments and programs at the University of California, San Francisco:

  • UCSF Mission Bay Medical Center
  • UCSF Cardiology Council
  • UCSF Housecalls Program
  • UCSF Pediatric Epilepsy Center