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NGLC in Oakland: Year 2 Evaluation

The NGLC in Oakland Year 2 Evaluation highlights collective progress across the seven grantee schools after two years of implementation, as well as provides a school-by-school analysis.

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CORE High Growth Awards

In April 2019, CORE and Education Trust-West partnered to publicly recognize schools throughout California that are supporting students to achieve high academic growth.

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State of Early Literacy: August 2018

This update aims to refine our Early Literacy strategy based on learnings to date and in light of changes across the Oakland eduction landscape.

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LitMap is a joint effort between the Oakland Literacy Coalition, Oakland Unified School District, and Rogers Family Foundation, with the goal of mapping literacy resources across the city of Oakland. The hope is that LitMap will be used by school leaders and decision-makers, teachers, partner organizations, and community members, to get a better sense of the literacy service providers available to best serve our students and families.

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Literacy Assessment Explainer: Measuring Third Grade Reading Proficiency

The Literacy Assessment Explainer outlines the three literacy assessments used by the Oakland Unified School District and the State of California.

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