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Tech Exchange: Oakland’s Onramp to the Information Superhighway

Technology has the ability to revolutionize education and empower lives, but only for those who can connect to it. Even in the year 2017, there still exists a huge digital divide with issues of equity and access to technology disproportionately affecting low-income households. In this blog entry, we profile Tech Exchange, an Oakland-based nonprofit organization that offers free and low-cost refurbished computers to low-income people.

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What's Possible With Personalized Learning?

Published by the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, this paper is designed to inform schools, families and communities about the potential of personalized learning. This report describes why personalized learning matters and shows what personalized learning looks like in schools for teachers and for students.

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Bridging the Gap: Bringing Innovations from Lab to Market

"If these ideas don’t make it to the marketplace, they’re going to just die." The "valley of death” is the lack of proof-of-concept funding for scientists who want to commercialize their research. A continued frustration for researchers, there has always been a gap between the discovery phase of scientific research and proven technology that can attract private investment. The Rogers Family Foundation has worked to help bridge this "valley of death" through an innovative partnership with QB3.

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NGLC in Oakland: Launching New School Design Models

In the spring of 2016, seven Oakland public schools won grants from the Next Generation Learning Challenge in Oakland to support implementation of school-wide personalized learning models. This piece will be the first in a series looking at how these schools are progressing and how they are changing what school looks and feels like for students.

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Oakland Personalized Learning Journey: Reflections on a Year of Piloting

This report is a collaboration of the Oakland Unified School District, the Rogers Family Foundation, and Inspire Ed consulting, and catalogues Oakland’s recent work to pursue personalized learning.

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