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Meet the Friends of Cal Crew

For student-athletes on the Cal rowing team, raising money for new boats and equipment should be the last thing on their minds. “We want our athletes to focus on school and rowing and have them be successful in both,” says Friends of Cal Crew fundraiser Cole Reiser. The Friends of Cal Crew is a fundraising organization supported by the Rogers Family Foundation and T. Gary Rogers, who attributes much of his business success to his time as a rower for Cal. Boats, equipment, scholarships, airplane tickets, everything that helps Cal Crew function and exist is funded by money raised by the Friends of Cal Crew.

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Attending School Every Day: Making Progress and Taking Action in Oakland Schools

School attendance can be a leading factor in determining a student’s future academic success. This deep dive report from the Oakland Achieves Partnership looks at the connection of chronic absence and student outcomes.

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Oakland Achieves Partnership: Third Annual Progress Report

The Oakland Achieves Partnership has released its third annual progress report focused on key student outcomes across a cradle-to-career continuum.

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Dissatisfied Yet Optimistic: Moving Faster toward New School Models

In this white paper, Dissatisfied Yet Optimistic: Moving Faster toward New School Models, four authors lay out their case for the need for new school models and identify their commitments to helping more of them launch and grow.

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Public Impact School Models

The Public Impact links to innovative school models that use job redesign and technology to maximize teachers and technology to increase student achievement. The models explain how changes in teaching roles, time use, and technology can allow teachers who achieve the best student outcomes to reach more students and help peer teachers produce excellent results, too.

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