Greg Klein

Senior Director, Innovation and Learning

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Gk Kid PictureMy favorite childhood book that I read over (and over and over and over) was: Corduroy by Don Freeman.

My hope for Oakland students is: That they discover their passions and help build strong communities.

Greg joined the Rogers Family Foundation in June 2012 and manages most of RFF’s Schools portfolio. Greg loves working directly in schools supporting principals, teachers, and students to personalize learning at Oakland public schools. Greg’s at his best when helping teams and education entrepreneurs build common understanding of their current status and trajectory, and then helping educators dream even further of where they might go next and how to get there with students. Prior to working at the Foundation, Greg helped launch Downtown College Prep’s (DCP) Alum Rock campus, developing an innovative Learning Lab at the middle school level. While at DCP he managed large groups of students, integrated computers and technology into the classroom, and focused his attention on teaching. Greg began his career in education reform as a teacher, coach, and administrator in the Oakland Unified School District for seven years, including building his own mini computer lab in his classroom as a first-year teacher. Greg graduated from Dartmouth College in 2004 with a BA in History. When not working, Greg listens to nerdy podcasts including, of grown folks playing Dungeons and Dragons. Greg is Dad to three adorable children and lives with his wife Mariah in Oakland.


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